Archipelago of Treasures® – integrated prevention programme
for middle and secondary school students (aged 14-16)


  • The programme has been created and conducted by people with passion. It combines attractiveness for youth with strong message in several domains of prevention at once.
  • The programme has reached a large scale in Poland (over 35,000 young participants per year, and over 10,000 parents and teachers per year)
  • “The Diagnostic Research on Problems and Positive Potential of Youth” conducted together with the programme helps the trainers have a better understanding of the current situation, problems and dreams of young people.
  • The programme is constantly being improved and adjusted to sensitiveness of today’s youth.
  • The Archipelago of Treasures® is listed in the system of recommendations for prevention programs and mental health promotion conducted by the National Office for Drug Prevention, National Agency for Solving Alcohol Problems, Education Development Centre and the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology.
  • Evaluation studies (conducted in 2007-2008 in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, CMPPP- Methodological Centre for Psychological and Pedagogical Help, PARPA - State Agency for Solving Alcohol Problems, and KC for AIDS- National Centre for AIDS) demonstrated the efficacy of the program in the area of anti-alcoholic and anti-drug prevention, prevention of sexual risk behaviors, pornography useand depression among young people.
  • The main originator of the programme and the person directing both its development and the training system for instructors is Szymon Grzelak, PhD.
  • The first version of the programme was devised in 2006 under the project conducted by the Ch. de Foucauld Homo Homini Foundation from PARPA (State Agency for Solving Alcohol Problems) subventions by Szymon Grzelak, PhD in collaboration with Barbara Paź, MA, Grzegorz Paź, MA and Marek Babik, PhD.
  • The development of the programme, training of the instructors as well as quality supervision lie in the responsibility of the Institute for Integrated Prevention.
  • The Archipelago of Treasures® is a registered trademark. The program can be implemented only by the institutions and trainers who are qualified and licensed by the Institute for Integrated Prevention.